What People Are Saying About NOP Plus Card
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Testimonial 1:

I was prescribed an 84 day supply of Terbinafine, a generic form of the drug Lamisil. The retail price for this drug is $1,027.69. With my NOP Plus Card it only cost  me $23, a savings of more than 90%! I am so thankful for the NOP Plus Card and I recommend it to all my friends. —Jerry, Rhode Island

Testimonial 2:

I was babysitting my three grandchildren when the 2 year old swallowed a paper clip. I began getting the children ready to go to the emergency room and called their mother. She told me that she had signed up for a Telemedicine program and to call them first. She gave me the phone number and I was able to talk to a doctor right away. I explained what happened and the doctor told me the baby was probably fine. He told me what symptoms to look for if there was a problem and to go to the emergency room if any of those symptoms appeared. He prescribed a mild laxative and called it in to my pharmacy. It was so much easier than sitting at the hospital with three small children and it all came out fine. I’m going to sign up for the Telemedicine program for myself and possibly avoid an office visit next time something minor happens to me! … Regina, Florida


  • US drug prices are the highest in the world!
  • Prescription drug prices have increased 97% over several years!
  • There are 3 billion prescriptions written in the US every year!
  • The average person fills between 4 to 8 prescriptions a month!
  • Healthcare is a 2 trillion dollar a year industry!
  • Almost half of Americans (45%) under 65 who lack drug coverage failed to fill a prescription because of the cost:


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With the high cost of medication and the forever rising cost of affordable healthcare the NOP Plus Card is an affordable solution! Our #1 priority is to keep your cost low and service high.  Ph: 877-570-7593  email:  support@noppluscard.com