Enjoy the great prescription drug coverage that comes with our Individual NOP Plus Card Plan and all it has to offer. With our $19.95 and up programs you have the option to save money and make money by participating in the Compensation Plan. It’s so simple; you get paid to help others save on their medical services. Apply now, only a limited number of Advocates will be accepted! CLICK HERE To Download Our Paper Application Now or CLICK HERE For Online Signup.

The NOP Plus Individual and NOP Plus Family Card has no age limits, no health restrictions, no limitation of use, no reimbursement procedures and  no prescription coupons!  Can be used immediately after a member receives their card, giving them access to a Network of over 65,000 pharmacies. Business and group rates are available upon request. For your convenience there are no, no underwriting or health questions, no time restrictions for pre-existing conditions, and no monthly or annual limits. Acceptance Is Guaranteed!  Download Our Paper Application Now!

No One Turned Down Use immediately when a member receives their card Network of over 65,000 pharmacies Business and group rates available Online application Instant approval Payment by Credit Card, Check or Automatic Check Withdrawal Convenient internet enrollment Automatic acceptance.( No underwriting or health questions)

No time limits for pre-existing conditions, No monthly or annual maximums, No age limits,

No health restrictions, No limitation of use, No reimbursement procedures and No prescription coupons needed.


Contact Us by phone at 1-877-570-7593  or email:  support@noppluscard.com

We Care!

With the high cost of medication and the forever rising cost of affordable healthcare the NOP Plus Card is an affordable solution! Our #1 priority is to keep your cost low and service high.  Ph: 877-570-7593  email:  support@noppluscard.com